Mariah bolted from the car to the edge of Pike Lake. Would she do it? I leaned against the hood.

She turned. “Don’t try to stop me, Nicholas!”

“Nope. No more arguing.”

Mariah believed Pike Lake lived, had magic, would refresh her soul. She dropped to her knees, positioned the straw, and started sipping.


Lane Diamond

  • http://www.austinbriggs.com Austin Briggs

    The ending was completely unexpected to me, but I believe it’s powerful. I suddenly want to know more – very tantalizing. The image of a woman sipping from a lake with a straw is hard to get rid of! 

    I also liked how the characters came alive – the names, the hints, the ongoing drama. A strong piece, in my opinion. 

  • Wanda McDonald

    The ending is completely unexpected and is a great climax to the suspenseful moments that preceded it.

  • Ruby Hanson

    All I could see in my mind was her suicide. Well Done!