Some Secrets Are Better Left, Well, Secret

Harold zipped up his wife’s floral dress, donned her red wig and black pumps. Sitting at a mirrored vanity, he applied rouge and mascara.

He plugged in an old Hoover upright and danced happily, vacuuming to Glen Miller’s ‘In The Mood’, unaware the wife’s bridge night was cut short and was on her way home.



Michael Coady.

  • Austin Briggs

    Well, we can always believe that the wife is a wise and accommodating woman… either way, the stage is set for an exciting scene :)

  • Elizabeth John

    Too funny! There’s going to be fireworks later, hahaha!

    • Austin Briggs

      THAT’s the scene I’d love to read, lol.

  • Robert Riley

    Uh oh!! Nicely delivered storyline.

  • Michael Coady

    It would take more than 55 words to describe what Harold’s wife would do to him. He’d certainly have some ‘splainin’ to do.

  • Robert P. Wills

    Really like the story- and the image.

    That’s one good looking guy!