Tastes Like Oak

Grimbledung stayed in the stocks for the day.

It was just to make the soldiers feel good about themselves.

Tomorrow, however…

Tomorrow, Grim was going home. Those poor feel-good soldiers didn’t know Grim’s secret.

Gnomes really didn’t mind the taste of wood.



Robert P. Wills.

  • Dani J

    Like it, anything with strange little creatures in it.

  • Robert P. Wills

    Thanks very much. I have to say, Grimbledung is quite strange and unusual! He leaves a wake of mayhem, mischief, and madness in my book- Tales from a Second Hand Wand Shoppe.

    • Dani J Caile

      I’ll go check it out…looks intriguing, but I’m poor…Good luck :-)

      • Robert P. Wills

        Tell you what, Dani- the book is currently $2.99. If you buy it and promise to leave a review on Amazon for it, I’ll Paypal you two bucks, making it a reasonable $.99- which is pretty good for a 98,000+ word, 354 page adventure!

      • Robert P. Wills

        Ahhh! The book is currently $1.99, so I’ll refund you a buck – how’s that?

        • Dani J

          I see $6.34 for Kindle edition…:-( DM me on Twitter, maybe we can make a deal :-) I have books too which need reviewing…

          • Robert P. Wills

            No way.
            You’re looking at Tales From a Second Hand Wand Shoppe?? It’s currently $2.99:

            I’ll stick with the $2.00 rebate.

          • Robert P. Wills

            I just re-read my reply. I meant “no way” to it being six bucks, not on the trading reviews! The book is currently $2.99.

            I’m following and sent a Tweet.

  • Austin Briggs

    Just bought your book, Robert. It shows up as $2.15 for my location (Switzerland). The price may differ by location, I guess?

    • Robert P. Wills

      That is really odd, Austin. If the book is now $1.99 USD, maybe the extra .16 cents is tax?? Does Switzerland tax online sales? I know they are discussing that in the United States but it isn’t happening yet.

      In any case, I’d be interested in your opinion of my book.

      • Austin Briggs

        My theory is that it’s the Whispernet charge from Amazon. They’re not predictable; when my book was $2.99 in the US it was like $5.50+ in Europe. Now it’s $4.99 in the US and still $5.47 in Europe. Go figure!

        I’ve plugged your book as the second on my reading list :) Will be happy to chat, of course.