Teacher’s Pet

“When I do this,” Miss Hemlock announced to her young class, raising a ramrod index finger to her thin, dry lips, “and say shhhh, it means be quiet.”

The clock ticked loudly, dustily. Children alternated glances at Brad Kowalski’s empty chair and the cupboard he was now locked in.

“Good. Now open your books … quietly.”


Mark Brown.

  • Antonio Angelo

    Oh I love it,  great story!!!  definitely worthy of the win.  opens his book quietly and really hopes he didnt say that too loud. 

    • Austin Briggs

      I agree – it’s one of those stories that stays with me many days after I’ve read it. Well done! Now, if I can only chase Mark to pay him his bounty… 

  • Gail Toffey

    I LOVE IT!!!

  • Mark Brown

    thanks Gail, nice to see someone going through the back catalogue. This piece probably is my favourite of mine so far!