The Cafe In the Village

It wasn’t December, rather, a grim October haunted by a relentless early chill. Dipping my hat, I hurried across the cobbled street. Opening the door, I delighted in the glow of table candles and the low hum of conversations. The place was charming and oblivious to the danger.

Our eyes met and the shooting began.


Ross Coppage.

  • a. partridge

    This feel like a gripping scene in a larger saga. I would like it to continue.

  • Sandra-Jane Goddard

    Great switch from a nicely-evoked and cosy atmosphere. I was perfectly unprepared…

  • Louie Winslow

    Tense, full of drama and danger but it cries out for more.

  • Diana Feltner

    I love the transition from discomfort, to comfort, and back to discomfort.

  • Ross Coppage

    Thank you all for the great comments!

  • Brad W. Beatty

    Your best work yet.

    • Ross Coppage

      Thanks Brad!

  • Alan Barker

    I was totally at ease until ‘the shooting began’. What an ending.

  • SMA

    Peace and Sudden war- it is.