The Confession

The man knelt, abject before the church. Alone in the pooled sunlight leaking through colored glass.

“She was a good girl,” he said to God’s empty cathedral.

Rope fibers crisscrossed the caked blood on steeple hands.

“Take this cup from me,” he prayed.

The sudden, cataclysmic pain at the core of his chest felt—heavenly.


R.S. Guthrie.


  • Austin Briggs

    This is strong, R.S.! 
    I keep wondering why would God give him such an easy way out. This is intriguing, and it hints to a rich backstory. 

    • R. S. Guthrie

      As with most things, I suppose it depends on the interpretation. I thought of it more as the man asking to be taken down before he could commit more atrocities…and depending on perspective, life after death could hold commensurate justice. You’ll note he did not ask for absolution, only an end to his own form of suffering.

      Thanks much for the comment and the opportunity. It was fun!

      Cheers !

      • Austin Briggs

        Now that you say it – yes, I can see how that would work. The way he talks about her – “a good girl” – is a great find, imho. 

        It’s an excellent, deep story.