The Fall

Mr. Autumn grew sleepy, so he decided to undress in public, leaf by leaf.

“Let all my bling, the red, green and white jewels hanging from my many arms feast the eye in the fading sunlight,” he said to Mother Nature as she tucked him in under a blanket of warm winter snow.



Alan Barker.

  • Austin Briggs

    Hi Alan, I like it a lot! :)

  • Louie Winslow

    Autumn is such a fashion plate. Do you suppose he models for Old Man Winter?
    Louie Winslow

  • Sandra-Jane Goddard

    Very different, Alan. I can picture this as a children’s story. Perhaps it already is…?

  • Debi Swim

    I like this. It describes autumn perfectly.

  • a. partridge

    great inventive illustration of the changing seasons

  • Alan Barker

    Thanks for all your kind comments. Here in the Wales, UK Mr. Autumn would be called The Greene Man an image of folk legend.

  • Laura Rittenhouse

    I like that – Autumn having a nice winter’s nap. Makes me want to light a fire and read a good book with my lap covered in a warm knitted blanket! Great imagery, well done.