Couple asleep in bed

The Lie

She lay next to him, unable to sleep. How much longer could she pretend? How much longer would he believe her? She knew she had to decide, and soon. He stirred, a smile spreading across his lips.

“Still love me?” His thumb brushed her cheek.

“Of course,” she lied, hoping it would be true someday.



Rebecca Barray.

  • Austin Briggs

    Great tension and so much backstory in a deceptively calm text. Superb writing!

  • Misky

    Love this, Becca. Well done!

  • Rebecca Barray

    Thanks, Misky! And to everyone else that stops by to read and vote!!

  • Daron Henson

    Wonderful story; complete in just a few words.

  • Robert Riley

    Succinct dilemma, a two-faced lie to her companion and to herself. Neatly composed!

  • Nathan Lawrence

    This one really speaks to me. I’ve been the liar in this situation and I know it can never end well. There is so much pain and sadness stuffed into one little package here!

  • Von Rupert

    Way to go, Rebecca! This is wonderful. You told a complete story in one tight scene. Nice work. :)