The Plunge

The rocky gorge was breathtaking.

He had imagined dinner and champagne, but this is what his intended wanted. The sunlight bathed their clasped hands.

He couldn’t look down.

“Where is your sense of …” she said as she wrenched him down.

They plunged.

He both dreaded and eagerly anticipated the tug of the bungee cord.



A. Partridge.

  • http://www.austinbriggs.com Austin Briggs

    The setup and the punch-line are excellent! So well-said.

  • A. Partridge

    Thank you for the forum and the comment, Austin.

    I was thinking that in couples, their are often two opposing points of view.

    The plunge is an adventure in more ways than one.

  • http://www.fifty5words.wordpress.com Luke Reynolds

    I was waiting for the cord not to pull.. thank for teasing and leaving it all in my imagination!