The Witches Colony – The Spell

I felt it… I breathed it… the rustle of crisp leaves, the deep cool sky, the dusty, earthy scent of the harvest work.

So hypnotic, the smoke and the crackle of cherry logs, beneath the ancient iron caldron.

Naked, grasping her vile hand, I blissfully obeyed her dire request, and stepped into the boiling pot.


Ross Coppage.

  • http://www.austinbriggs.com Austin Briggs

    Both cruel and poetic … Chilling.

    • Ross Coppage

      Thanks Austin!

  • Michael Seese

    I enjoyed this story.

  • Louie Winslow

    Is this a description of a fish boil? The seductress cooks you, and invites many to the party for rare dining.

  • Brad W. Beatty

    I am never eating dinner at your house….great story.

  • Ross Coppage

    Brad B, so it takes people being eaten by wicked witches for you to break your silence on my writing:) Never the less… Thank you for your gracious endorsement. DISCLAIMER: I have known Brad for many years and he likes my cooking! :)

  • Grace Black

    Chilling. Perfectly fitting this time of year.

  • Alan Barker

    Not since Man Friday in Robinson Crusoe was rescued from a cooking pot have I read anything as chilling as this.

  • Alan Barker

    Not since Man Friday was rescued from a cooking pot by Robinson Crusoe have a read anything quite as chilling as this.