What We Don’t Know, She Will

As she does everyday in her place of solitude, she attempts to solve what not one has yet.

Even the intricate inner workings of the time tellers that cover the walls cannot match the peculiar maneuverings of her brain. As the chimes strike midnight in unison, she welcomes tomorrow … another day to try again.

Wanda Mcdonald.

  • Deannae1

    Superb! I’ve often said that inspiration takes very few words. Finally I read something that proves this point! Thank you for this uplifting, motivating start to my new day!

  • Kkm127

    Wonderful look into struggle and hope

  • Lorddarkstar

    Nice imagery!

  • http://www.austinbriggs.com Austin Briggs

    I like the undertone of danger in this beautiful story. The imagery in every phrase is amazing. 

    What a piece!

  • T. E. Samad

    Such great imagery in so few words. Splendid!