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Be Brilliant in 55 Words or less – and win 55 USD!

Join us and write in a new flash fiction topic while helping others improve with insightful comments. Bring your very best brief work here – you’ll garner feedback, acknowledgment, and even acclaim from others. If you’re brilliant, you’ll sure get quality traffic to your website, and sell more books.

Each month, you can also WIN $55 from my personal treasure chest, payable to your Paypal email address :)

There will be 3 Prizes:

  • $55: Best 55-Word Story of the Month. This is my personal prize for the one story that blew me away.
  • $33: Most Awesome Commenter. I read every single comment on this site, and each month I’ll award the person who provides the most insightful, supportive and overall awesome comments to the other writers.
  • $33: Most Shared Story of the Month. This is 100% transparent. You can track this in the right-hand sidebar. The selection is based on a complex electronic algorithm that tracks how many social shares you story receives across many social channels.

The judgement criteria:

  • How awesome your story is in my view
  • Helped (but not defined) by voting from other readers, defined by the amount of social sharing.

We’re here to help, to encourage, and to enjoy friendly competition with other writers. Share the stories your peers have written and give them your ideas on how to improve their writing style, their plot twists, and their characters.

Here, everyone gets to be a part of creating brilliant fiction in a supportive community of peers – all of whom love a good story as much as you do.

All rights remain with the author, even for the winning entries. I don’t intend to ever claim any rights for the flash fiction stories published here.

Once a year, I’ll publish the Almanac of the Absolute Best 55-Word Wonders to drive even more exposure, audience and book sales for the best authors. I’ll contact you if I believe your story qualifies. I’ll only publish stories with explicit permission from the author, and I’ll carry all the publishing expenses and headaches.

Here, we succeed together.

The rules are simple:

  1. Fifty-five words or less (non-negotiable), excluding the title.
  2. A setting
  3. One or more characters
  4. Some conflict
  5. A resolution (Not limited to moral of the story).
  6. The title is not part of the overall word count, but it can’t exceed seven words.

My Plea:

  1. When I say, “Maximum 55 words”, I mean it. :)
  2. We use standard English punctuation here. It can be American or British; no need to invent your own.
  3. Sppelll czech.
  4. Do capitalize when needed. Don’t write the whole thing in caps.
  5. Please double-check your email address. I assume you want to know when your story goes live.
  6. I say a picture is optional … but you’ll enable me to publish your story faster and cheaper if you include it.

The October 2013 Prompt:

Write a brilliant 55-word story mentioning something about autumn.

Make sure you meet the contest rules found here

Have fun!




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