Money Hungry Business Man Eating Into Profits

Get Paid for Your Writing

My vision for this site is to turn it into an insanely useful resource for writers, and just as insanely entertaining place for readers.

I’ve been playing with the idea of inviting guest posts for a while now. However, I truly believe that difficult work of writing insanely useful content should be fairly compensated.

My offer: 

Send me your original articles, and I’ll pay you cash for the privilege to share your writing here at this site. Please make your pieces both useful and entertaining.

The topics I’m interested in are:

  1. Story development: your personal insights into developing life-like characters, enchanting locations, gripping plots . . .
  2. Writing process: your personal tips and quirks on how you make your writing process work for you.
  3. Connecting with readers and writers: your personal advice and experience on what works best and worst in terms of interaction between readers and writers online and in the real world.

The rates:

I’m offering 2 different rates, depending on the length and quality of your writing.

Rate 1: $105 for  an insanely useful article, such as this one or this one. These are the longer posts filled with personal insights, advice, written with passion and a mission in mind.

Rate 2: $55 for an entertaining, insightful post such as this one. It’s a post focused on one insight, again written with passion and a mission in mind to make internet a better place.

Mutual Success:

You know as well as I do that promoting our posts smartly is as important as writing killer content. After your post is published, let’s please together promote it.

The Easy Next Step:

Drop me a line at “Austin – at – austinbriggs-dot-com”, or contact me via my contact form.

If I like your text, and if I believe it’s in line with the mission of this site, I’ll send you the money via Paypal and will publish your post.

Because I’ll pay the cash, I’ll expect the copyright to be transferred to me. I will, of course, publish the post under your name and will add an “about” box with the key information about you, your photo, and the most critical links that you’d like to include.