Learn History


Historical fiction is always deeply influenced by the facts – but never constrained by them.

Robert Graves wrote I, Claudius by selectively using Tacitus’ account of the emperor. Ford Madox Ford wrote a three-part series on Catherine Howard from a scant handful of historical facts, including Henry VIII’s calling her his “rose without a thorn.” In Cold Blood was written after Truman Capote was inspired by a single newspaper article.

Just one historical fact can give a good writer an idea for a fascinating, never-before-told story – influenced by history, but not bound by it.

Join us and contribute your own research and knowledge about the Aztec Empire and the Spanish Conquest to inspire those of us who are interested to write our own historical fiction. You may see your facts appear in future installments of Five Dances with Death, as well as this community’s flash fiction, or books by other authors.

You can be part of creating one of the most fascinating and insightful collections of historical fact that surrounds the Aztec Empire.

Please do cite your sources, and feel free to debate accuracy with your peers – of course, as always, I ask that you be courteous to and respectful of one another.