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“How to Build a Powerful Writer’s Platform in 90 Days”90 Days From Now, you and your book can bean online sales success story.

  • How to generate buzz around your book
  • How to launch a book successfully using only social media
  • How to make sure your book lives up to the hype you’re about to build
  • 90-day Calendar where I show you what you need to do every day to succeed.
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I wrote Writer’s Platform specifically to help writers and bloggers like you to build effective, virtually cost-free social media presence. Writer’s platform is your easy-to-follow, comprehensive and proven resource to making your book into the online sales success it deserves to be, instead of just one more great book no one’s ever heard of or read.

Real Testimonials from Real Readers:

What I really liked: this book is a straightforward game plan to build an online presence that serves “the brand” you create … If you are willing to spend a few hours a day at your computer, building the on line platform of your dreams, read this book. M. Knapp, Amazon reviewer.


Austin Briggs refreshingly delivers upon this promise in a concise, unhindered presentation without any annoying fluff or blustering boasting regrettably too common among many authors trying to sell their how-to book of the day.

I am C, Not X, Amazon reviewer


To be truthful, I have skimmed many books on “how to publish and market new books” and most of them were a waste of time, repeating the same old information. So, I didn’t expect much from this book, but was very surprised! This book is wonderful!

bkmcavoy, Amazon reviewer.


The thing that struck me almost immediately when reading this book was that the systematic approach set out in it was equally applicable no matter what your product was. … You could use Austin Briggs’ methods for setting up a website and creating an online presence for almost anything you wanted to sell.

Davros-10, Amazon reviewer.


A wonderful, concise piece that works to educate a writer or potential writer in the fine art of building a successful platform using online media to boost the reach and success of a book. I was pleased to find that for a non-fiction work such as this, it did have humor and straight-talk that meshed extremely well. I did feel as if the author was talking to me when I read this in one sitting, a definite plus.

Wofljack, Amazon reviewer.