New Kindle Paperwhite Draw Winner

As promised, I’ve run the second round of the Kindle Paperwhite draw. Once again, it was a targeted campaign that went hand-in-hand with my book giveaway at the Library Thing.

After the success of the previous draw, I gave away 100 copies of my “How to Build a Writer’s Platform in 90 Days” book and here are the results:

  • Slightly less than a 100 copies got sent out, because several accounts who “won” my giveaway on Library Thing got suspended (shrug).
  • The book received 10 unique and meaningful reviews across Library Thing, Amazon and Good Reads.
  • A few people got back to me saying that for various reasons they couldn’t finish the book on time for the draw, and would post their reviews later.

Once again, I had asked for meaningful, not positive reviews.

Not too bad, I think.

The Winner

To be 100% transparent, here’s the winner selection process.

  1. I sorted all unique reviews by date and assigned a number from 1 to 10 to each.
  2. I entered the numbers into the generator over at www.random.org.
  3. Ta-da! #5 is the winner:

Random May


In my count, #5 is Wolfjack — congratulations! A brand-new, shiny Kindle Paperwhite will be on its way to you as soon as we get in touch and confirm the shipment details.

Thanks to everyone who participated :)